A Guide to Garden Pricing

Earth Architecture prices garden projects based on more than twenty years of experience. Discerning clients make an informed value judgement when asking Earth Architecture to do any work in their garden. All work is reasonably and competitively priced. As a general guide, Earth Architecture clients normally invest around 5% to 15% of the value of their property on their new Earth Architecture garden. Clients are always happy to pay for a quality garden service and Earth Architecture respects the clients’ decision to proceed or not to proceed. There is no small print in the contract and clients appreciate this.


  • With an Earth Architecture designed garden, the value of your property increases (market conditions apply).
  • When you come to sell your property an Earth Architecture designed garden makes it easier to sell because the potential market is widened.
  • The investment you make in your new Earth Architecture garden will give tangible pleasure for years to come.
  • Graham is happy to show potential clients actual built gardens. This helps clients see the quality of work and gives an idea of the costs involved.
  • Earth Architecture is not registered for VAT, giving a clear advantage over larger competitors.
  • If you feel comfortable and trust Earth Architecture to restore or to design and construct a beautiful bespoke garden for you do contact Graham any time.

We love what we do and our clients do too.

Graham Swain

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